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Dedicated to the high standards of professional practice.

The firm was created in 1986. Today with headquarters in Brooklyn, New York and nearly 7 satellite offices through out the tri-state area.

CCC adheres to a professional code of ethics and professional conduct that assures clients, the public and colleagues of their dedication to high standards in professional practice.


 Large or small, every building project involves many complicated and challenging decisions.  You can discuss these decisions with your family, friends and associates - everyone will have an opinion - but what you really need is someone who can see the big picture and understand your project in great detail.  You need someone who will look after your interests in what likely is unfamiliar and often confusing territory for you..  Building a home or office either new or renovated requires an in-depth, sophisticated knowledge of design and construction.  The professionals and crafts involved in your building project - from local building officials and contractors to structural engineers - speak their own special languages.  Even if this is not your first project you can be at a fundamental disadvantage in dealing with these essential people at their level.  You might not know all the right questions to ask, when to ask them or even if the answer you get is really a sufficient answer.  However, there isn’t much any of these people might talk about that CCC won’t understand.  CCC, has the education, experience and vision to guide you through the entire design and construction process successfully. 


No handshake or letter of agreement is firm enough to cover all the roles, responsibilities and obligations that must be carried out in your building project.  CCC can efficiently prepare construction documents, detailed drawings and specifications that the contractor will use to secure required permits, establish construction costs and build the project.  With CCC you benefit from meticulously completed plans and applications adhering to the stick and often conflicting  standards of many municipal agencies.


CCC is familiar with the abilities and reputations of many architects, engineers and contractors suited for you type of project.  These licensed professionals share long-standing working relationships, which can help promote reliability and quality work.  CCC can help you determine which bid can be the best value in terms of reputation, expertise, quality and reliability.


Due to their complexity and technical nature, construction projects are typically described in language and symbols that are unfamiliar to the average person.  CCC understands the language of construction and can help you protect yourself from incorrect interpretations of contract requirements by contractors, or requirements of building codes by the many agencies having jurisdiction.


As the homeowner or business owner, a bid that is lower than all other bids might seem like the best deal.  CCC would immediately suspect that the bidder left something out of the bid, that would be necessary or required by law for you to finish and occupy your finished building.  This could be very frustrating especially when you have limited time and money.  CCC understands that sometimes even licensed professionals in haste make commitments they cannot fulfill.  For a building project to be successful, it is crucial that the architect and contractors consider all factors.


Everyone can make mistakes, and not all problems can be foreseen, when signing a contract.  When a project runs smoothly, problems discovered during construction are quickly corrected.  Of all the members on the project team, CCC has the best mental picture of how the project’s components relate to each other and how to make those corrections, CCC has the experience of spotting problems and deviations early on, before they become too expensive or difficult to correct.


With any building project, the familiar caution holds true:  Expect the unexpected.  Unanticipated problems - and opportunities - will arise during the course of construction.  With and intimate knowledge of your project’s history, CCC is a valuable asset in seizing new opportunities that are consistent with your design objectives.


Determining at what point a project is complete is not as simple as it seems.  In the last stages of construction, both you and the various contractors are tired and eager to move on.  Your architect and contractor may consider a project complete sooner than you or the building department.  CCC can weigh the state of completion against the contract requirements and fairly note any items that remain to be completed.  With CCC as your consultant advise to prevent overpayment or premature payment is made so that all obligations are fulfilled.